My underlying concern has been simply to live intelligently; to learn from whatever occurs, to be open to experimentation and exploration and in a way which is not bound by a conclusion.

Dan Hansen   founder, May 1994

Interested in supporting what we stand for? Read the following and you can apply to spend four weeks (or longer) with us!

The Vision of Wilderland

In 1998 Wilderland founders Dan & Edith Hansen donated land and assets which form Wilderland to an Educational Trust. This generous and farsighted gift allows us to continue providing the opportunity for us to hold a space to educate all who are truly interested in learning about living more consciously and minimising their impact on the environment and others.

Everything that we do on the land is collaboratively decided by the Resident Group - which is made up of current Students & Long Term Participants - with oversight from the Trust Board. This is so that all work that the project carries out is in alignment with the Trust Deed.

Our project is completely drug-free, to enable a safe space for all. Tobacco and alcohol usage is restricted, there is a designated smoking area.

Today we are striving to make Wilderland an even better example of how to live in harmony with the environment whilst supporting local economy, community and wildlife.

A sustainable living experience

Wilderland's introduction to sustainable living is our four-week Visitor programme. Visitor intakes take place every second Sunday, and are open to anyone who is passionate to learn.

Work alongside Students, Long Term Participants and other volunteers to learn skills while helping manage our ongoing operations

Join a group of volunteers from around the world, and embark together on a month-long journey of learning and exchange.

What will I learn?

The range of jobs we complete each day is extremely diverse. Wilderland isn't a place to learn just about gardening or permaculture, each day we will have some people working in the gardens, someone cooking, someone looking after our vehicles, people producing products for our roadside stall and wholesale partners.

A non-exhaustive list of some of the common tasks:

orchard maintenance
herbal product making
preparing firewood
weed management
compost preparation
seedling propagation

We do our best to let people do jobs that are of their interest – however the reality is that often people want to do the same jobs. As a volunteer you are here to help us achieve the goals and plans the current Resident Group has decided to work on, within the scope that the Trust Board has set out.

Learning is unique at Wilderland where we are all together to learn with each other, from each other, providing an incredible opportunity for growth.

Daily life

We work together 5 mornings a week, Monday to Friday and have a delicious organic shared lunch after every working shift.

We clean all the shared spaces together on a Thursday night, after which we share in another yummy organic meal! Sometimes we have home-made pizza after cleaning.. :)

We endeavour to run group events at least twice a month to have a break from working and learning, like pizza nights and saunas, as well as leaving plenty of free time for you to explore our slice of paradise and the surrounding area!

Staying Longer

We have a lot of volunteers want to join us for longer, so we have a detailed, fair process we use with everyone!

Contact the Visitor Host by the end of your THIRD week.
The Visitor Host checks with the Resident Group at the next meeting (the following Tuesday)
The Visitor Host will update you after the meeting.

We have limited spots so people who apply need to be showing an interest in supporting our values and be ready to support us in the work that we are already undertaking.

If you think you would like to stay longer, please mention it during your application :)


Most volunteers will stay in one of our fantastic caravans!

You can stay in your own tent or caravan, camping in the summertime is fun! We even have some covered tent sites.

Everyone shares the same (vegetarian) cooking space in the main hall, where we have all meals, wifi and extra storage space.

What will I need?

A positive attitude, number one! If you are a successful applicant we have a small list of what you need to bring (headtorch, work clothes, garden gloves etc), but all accommodation and a staple vegan diet is supplied unless you indicate you have your own accommodation (tent, campervan).

Want to join us for a fantastic four weeks?

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