Wilderland internships are ideal for hard working, self-directed folk who learn well through doing. Internships are hands-on, based on skill sharing, within the unique learning environment that is Wilderland. You’ll be involved in all aspects of community living and have the opportunity to collaborate with others. You’ll also receive personal guidance with a skilled mentor to ensure you gain a solid theoretical foundation in your area of study.


For 2014 Wilderland is offering one summer internship for up to four lucky individuals! Applications are now open and they close 25th August. Download the 2014 Flyer (PDF Format).


Click to view our three minute video The Wilderland Experience.


What previous interns had to say…

“I continue to be inspired by the idea of sustainable communal living. I’ve gained a lot of insights into organisational levels of community here.”


“It has changed my outlook on society and life drastically…(I am) more calm and at peace. (Wilderland) solves the problems that ‘normal’ society imposes on us.”


“A very loving, tight-knit community far exceeding any my experience of other communities.”


“Love meeting new and talented people.”


“Wilderland has changed my ideas of community process and gardening… (and) has made me more confident and self-aware.”