Join us

We are all volunteers here, learning and growing (inwardly and outwardly) together!

Speaking of learning and growing, before you apply, have a read here of this outline of the current review process the leadership team is undertaking, so you’ve got a good sense of whats unfolding at the moment. This is part of a wider endeavour to be more transparent about both the opportunities and the challenges of life here.
Volunteer Terms
We are inviting visitor volunteers to come stay at Wilderland for 4 weeks. If we still love each other once you’re here, you are able to apply for a student term (3 month internship).
Note that while we appreciate shorter term volunteers, we are actively looking for dedicated long term participants as well. The pathway to staying longer is that after two student terms you have the opportunity to become a long term participant.
Organisational form
Wilderland is collectively managed. This means that there is no boss (although there are stewards/those who carry the responsibility for the long term wellbeing of Wilderland, and a better understanding its needs), and we all take responsibility for projects, some projects are very visible while others are not. As a ‘visitor volunteer’ you will not have to worry too much about this and if you decide to stay on (as a student) you will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

How to Apply

Firstly, join our community fb group, read our volunteer handbook  and also check out our brief update of the current situation  (if you haven’t already) to get a feel for life at Wilderland.

Secondly, if you like what you see and are ready to apply, fill in an application form here.
Finally, we’ll consider your application, then we’ll get in touch and if successful, finalise arrangements.
Any questions, please email us at visit@wilderland.org.nz